Construction and re-opening

ARE YOU completed the recovery of the documentation of the building of the Prefecture by the Fire Department with the coordination of archivists, while we proceeded to the layout of the new headquarters of fixed shelving and compact for about 15 linear km (accompanied by safety systems) and the progressive transport and placement of the documentation. These operations were made possible by special funding from the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, built and operated by deputy commissioner of civil protection for cultural heritage, and carried out with competence and efficiency of the company 'Premio'di Bologna.

Nuovi depositi
Nuovi depositiNuovi depositi

The New deposits

The complex work of transfer and reorganization of the documentation was completed in June 2009 thanks to the staff of the Archives, thus allowing the full reopening to the public. The archive is also available to host temporarily and also make available the municipal archives and other local organizations that request it and already offers hospitality to the Abruzzese Deputation of National History and its library, which will be available at the study room of 'Archive.