The new headquarters

ADMINISTRATION ARCHIVAL, wanting to maintain the Archive in its territory, has rejected the idea of ​​temporarily transfer the documentation in more distant locations, while available, and sought an accommodation in L'Aquila, bringing together archives, personnel and services and offices under one roof, allowing you to open the archive to the public and thus giving a strong signal of recovery services and cultural activities Aquila. It has thus been found and acquired leased by the General Directorate of Archives a modern building Gioel Holding Group, located in the Core Industrial Development Bazzano, on the eastern outskirts of the city. The building has an input representation, a conference room with 150 seats made ​​available by Gioel Italy and two large deposits for a total of over 3000 square meters. The complex, partly as a result of alterations, including the construction of two large rooms for use as study hall and consultation readily made ​​from the property, was fully adequate to accommodate functionally, in an organic and unified all funds, offices and services of the State.