First steps

ON 9 AND 10 APRIL, thanks to the special teams of the Fire Brigade that, despite the serious risk, recovered the documentation inside the building of the Prefecture and archivists who directed the work, were recovered funds more oldest and most important of the Archives, which were temporarily hospitalized at the Division of State Archives of Sulmona. After making the necessary interventions made ​​safe by the Fire Department, the State Archive of the Eagle, with the collaboration and support of the Deputy Commissioner of Civil Protection for Cultural Heritage, the Regional Directorate for Cultural Heritage and landscape of Abruzzo, the Directorate General for the Archives, was able to start the recovery of the remaining part of the documentation that has been difficult and has been carried out using a sort of 'air bridge' by container raised by a crane.

Recupero dal cortile della Prefettura

Recovery from the courtyard of the Prefecture