The earthquake of April 6, 2009

THE EARTHQUAKE HAS, AS IS KNOWN, DAMAGED seriously the building of the Prefecture, causing the almost total collapse of the front wing on the Republic Square, the one on whose pediment bearing the inscription 'Government House', become the media icon of the disaster . The rear wing, where he was the State Archives, has instead been damaged to a lesser degree, as the floors above stores and offices Archives remained in place, though seriously at risk. In many places the shock brought down shelves and spilled the documentation, but as a whole has remained essentially integrates 6. The Institute has been particularly badly affected by the painful loss of talented archivist and palaeographer Dr. Giovanna Lippi, the victim of the collapse of house: it was a civil servant and scholar highly st IMATA the human and scientific colleagues and friends of 'Archive and many teachers, students and users who always generously and expertly assisted. She was devoted to the study room of the new home.

L'Ingresso dell' Archivio di Stato dopo il sisma
Un deposito dopo il sisma
Un deposito dopo il sisma
Gianna Lippi

From the top: the entrance of the State, two images of the deposits damaged by the earthquake, a picture of Joan Lippi