The State Archives

The STATE ARCHIVES OF L’AQUILA, established in 1835 as Provincial Archives of the Bourbon kingdom, had since then in the rear seat of the ancient monastery of St. Augustine, transformed in the Napoleonic period in building the Intendenza provincial then prefecture. Because of the progressive growth of the funds held at the time of the earthquake had come to be articulated in three locations: the main historical site, with funds from the oldest and most important (Scroll, Municipal Archives Old Eagle, ancient Catasti, I noticed the old district ), the study room and library, the management and the administration office in an apartment building in Sidon in Piazza della Repubblica 17, the registered subsidiary of Via Cardinale 2, in a modern building in the historic center, the contemporary archives (Cadastre post-unification, military District, Marital status pre-unification) and reproduction service and restoration.


Piazza della Repubblica, il palazzo della Prefettura subito dopo il sisma

Piazza della Repubblica, the palace of the prefecture after the quake